ICHD – Transition from Home to ECCE Program, from ECCE Program/Home to Primary School

There is strong global evidence that early childhood development provides a solid foundation for good health, growth, and success in education. Programs focusing on early learning promote awareness of child development and lead to higher enrolments and less repetition, especially among the children from poor families. Transition from home to early child development center and early child development center to primary school are critical moments for young children and for those children who have the opportunity hold a highly positive implication for them (Woodhead, M. & Moss, P., 2007). The positive impact of early childhood development on participation and achievement in primary school and beyond is well documented in many studies (Arnold, 2007; Mustard, 2005; Young, 2002, 2007).

Transition has clear impact on young children’s achievement in the classroom and successful completion of primary education cycle. This impact has been observed in many countries in the region. ARNEC as a network has recognized its significance and has decided to review the state of knowledge and information in order to promote smooth transition in the region. Hence, this effort to document the concepts, programs and policy provisions in the Asia-Pacific region has been taken. The underlying premise is that this knowledge and information are necessary to increase awareness and political commitment in support of Early Childhood Development (0-8).

Type:  Research (Desk review)

Keywords:   Advocacy

Area:   Asia-Pacific

Language:   English