The Notebook

An International Resource on Early Childhood

Published since 1985, the Coordinators’ Notebook provides a synthesis of the most recent information on topics of interest to people concerned about the well-being of young children and their families.

Now published annually, The Coordinators’ Notebook comprises a focussed, issue-based article, identified through feedback from partners and/or emerging gaps and priorities in the field. Each Notebook has a main article with related case studies, which draw upon experiences from around the world as well as news from the CG networks and new resources, upcoming conferences etc.

The Notebook is currently translated into Spanish and Portuguese with back issues in French. Please Contact Us if you are interested in supporting the translation of theCoordinators’ Notebook into a language that would be useful in your region.

We encourage you to share information from the Coordinators’ Notebook with other networks. Feel free to copy portions of this Notebook and disseminate the information to those who could benefit from it.