Global Summit on Childhood

Creating a Better World for Children and Youth Through Sustainability, Social Innovation, and Synergy
Intercontinental Hotel in San José, Costa Rica | 31 March – 3 April 2016

The Global Summit on Childhood, a program within the Decade for Childhood, provides a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue among the global community about the experience of childhood.

The 2016 Global Summit on Childhood brings together individuals from around the world and across disciplines to explore the role of childhood in ensuring a positive human future during a time of rapid change.

NOTE: Proposal submitters will receive proposal acceptance notifications in mid- to late-November.

Tentatively Scheduled Speakers:

Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, 2nd Vice President of Costa Rica
Ana Helena is a human rights advocate who has focused her career on public health and child and women’s rights.

Lina Srivastava, Lina Srivastava Consulting, Regarding Humanity
Lina is a social innovation strategist who combines technology, culture, art, and storytelling to bring about positive social change.

Julia Delafield, University for Peace
Julia is the Co-Director of the Center for Executive Education at the UN-mandated University for Peace. The Center for Executive Education provides a transformational education program for social innovators from around the world.

Mauricio Viales, The UWC (United World Colleges) Costa Rica
Mauricio is head of the United World Colleges Costa Rica Foundation. UWC Costa Rica offers a two-year experiential learning program designed to build six core competencies: social responsibility, diversity, conflict transformation, sustainability, leadership, and healthy lifestyle.

Octavio Pescador, Juarez & Associates
Octavio is an international development consultant and a global affairs analyst for a variety of domestic and international media outlets. He has taught education and social sciences and spent the last two decades working extensively with students, community-based non-profits, and immigrant groups in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Emily Vargas-Barón, RISE Institute
Emily consults internationally in the fields of education and integrated early childhood development, focusing on policy planning, training, program design, and evaluation research.

Mohit Mukherjee, University for Peace
Mohit is founding director of the University for Peace Centre for Executive Education, an educator-entrepreneur, and an avid player in the field of social entrepreneurship.
ACEI – Global Summit on Childhood
31 March – 3 April, 2016, San José, Costa Rica