Early Childhood in Emergencies Working Group

The Early Childhood in Emergencies Working Group (EEWG) works under the umbrella of the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development (CGECCD).

The EEWG is co-convened by UNICEF and ChildFund International and includes more than 100 organizations and individuals working in early childhood, emergencies and other related fields.

The purpose of the EEWG is to analyze and synthesize information gathered from research, case studies, successful practices and tools from the fields of EC and Emergencies and to use this information to:

  • Develop tools and publications and to disseminate this information for use by global actors and stakeholders in EC and Emergencies.
  • Advocate for improved investments, policies, and commitment to action related to young children in Emergency and Transition situations.
  • Inform the current gap in understanding that EC programming in Emergency situations needs to include the diverse needs of children in each phase of the emergency, transition and normalcy.
  • Inform capacity development of EC and Emergencies’ stakeholders to effectively act for children in these settings.

Current Activities:

  • Development of a position paper and Coordinators’ Notebook  which explores current and emerging issues related to young children and emergencies, as well as recommendations for future action
  • Participation in  the International Network on Peace Building with Young Children to develop an international programmatic tool that supports innovation in the field of peace building in early childhood care and education; a pilot Masters programme in early years and peace building that will provide practitioners with a more focused knowledge of how to work with young children in conflict and an advocacy model to support the early childhood sector in conflict

Completed Joint Activities:

Partnerships and Linkages:

  1. The Inter-agency Network on Education in Emergencies (INEE) through the EC in Emergencies Task Team
  2. Child Protection in Crisis Network
  3. International Network on Peace Building with Young Children
  4. The Better Care Network

For more information regarding the EEWG, please contact the CG Secretariat

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