Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change

Save the Date for ISSA’s 2016 Conference

ISSA’s 2016 Conference will unite all aspects of the early childhood workforce to explore the impact of shiftingdemographics, migration, rising inequality and technological advancements on social cohesion, family stability and governments’ abilities to provide quality public services to those who need them most.

Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change will investigate ways to respond to these changes while safeguarding the rights of our youngest citizens and fulfilling their needs.

· Given the rapid changes in our societies and the advancements in our knowledge of child development in the last decades, what does meaningful learning look like for today’s children from early years to ten years old? How can we ensure that the most marginalized are not left behind?

· How can we ensure that existing and future early childhood practitioners are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to face the changes and challenges of the contemporary world?

· How can we support families to effectively respond to the newly emerged needs of their children?

· How do we fully harness the potential of new technologies to support learning, participation and increase the social cohesion?

Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change
11-13 October, 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania