ARNEC – East Asia-Pacific Early Child Development Scales (EAP-ECDS) Final report and Country briefs (Timor Leste, Cambodia, Mongolia, China, Vanuatu, PNG)

A joint initiative with the University of Hong Kong, ARNEC, UNICEF and the Open Society Foundations the development of the East Asia-Pacific Early Child Development Scales (EAP-ECDS) equips stakeholders across East Asia and the Pacific with a common measurement tool to assess the holistic development of children ranging in age from three to five years. The process of development of the Scales has been undertaken in three phases. The EAP-ECDS were developed in Phase I (2010) based on a comprehensive desk review of the Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) from seven countries in the region. It should be noted that the construction of the Scales was underpinned by these standards. In Phase II (2010 – 2012), the Scales were piloted in China, Fiji, and Mongolia and subsequently modified based on the results of this pilot study. In Phase III (2012 – 2014), the Scales were administered to children in six countries in the region in order to assess their reliability and validity. This report presents the findings from Phase III.

Type:   Report, Briefs

Keywords:   Child Development Scales, Assessment, 3-5 years

Area:   Asia-Pacific

Language:   English