ARNEC Calendar 2016

ARNEC’s calendar 2016 features images taken by selected researchers from the Noteworthy ECD Practices documentation. In keeping with its mission to expand the knowledge base on innovative practice in early childhood in the Asia-Pacific region, ARNEC has established an annual initiative to document noteworthy practices in Early Childhood Development. This initiative highlights noteworthy ECD practices that are not yet widely known but could contribute to the developing evidence-base on effective provision of ECD services within this region that reflect a commitment to: Sustainability, Inclusion, and Equity.

More specifically, it seeks to highlight:

(i) programmes that are built on sustainable approaches (strong involvement from community; respectful and reflective of traditional values, practices and resources) and

(ii) innovative and effective strategies for including children from minority groups (ethnic, linguistic, ability, or others) in early childhood services and assisting them to fulfil their potential.

Keywords:  Advocacy, Parenting, Community of Practice, Noteworthy Practices, Best practices

Area:   Asia-Pacific

Language:   English