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About the CG


The Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development (CGECCD) is a global inter-agency consortium with strong links to regional networks and a track record of advocacy and knowledge generation and dissemination at an international level. Established in 1984 by a small group of donor funding agencies, it has evolved into a well-respected global network with committed partner agencies, institutions and professionals involved in the field of ECCD at all levels. The focus on young children (0 to 8yrs), their families and communities remains highly relevant in 2013 when taking into account the very large numbers of young children living in difficult and resource-poor contexts and the effects this has on their overall physical, social and cognitive development and well-being.

The Consultative Group on ECCD works actively to identify gaps, critical issues and emerging areas of need and interest related to ECCD for its work in awareness-raising, advocacy, and dissemination, and to seek out new partners. We believe it is critical to promote a more diverse and creative range of ECCD activities that link different sectors, are more inclusive, and better address children’s needs and circumstances in the context of the family and/or community.

One key to the CG’s effectiveness has been the fact that Consortium members participate actively, and jointly take ownership of the knowledge that is generated through the “knowledge-networking” process. This knowledge influences how the member agencies programme, and also reaches decision-makers in the area of ECCD as well as other fields.


The Consultative Group’s mission is to improve early childhood policy and practice focusing on children in disadvantaged circumstances. We do this by promoting a wider dialogue among practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and national and international agencies; through the analysis, synthesis and dissemination of knowledge and through coordinated advocacy.

Key Objectives:

  1. Knowledge Generation and Dissemination
    Contributing to the development of a diverse global knowledge base on ECCD through the analysis, synthesis and dissemination of information which is accessible and used by a wide range of actors and stakeholders
  1. Communications and Advocacy
    Facilitating a broad-based global understanding of the critical importance of ECCD to social development and poverty reduction and advocate for improved investments, policies and actions to support the holistic development of young children.
  1. Supporting Regional Capacity Building
    Supporting regional capacities to generate and disseminate knowledge, share information and advocate for the support of children’s overall development.

Please note that we are not a grant-making body and regret that we are unable to provide grants, scholarships, bursaries etc. to organisations or individuals.

About ECCD


Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD ) is a field of endeavour that focuses on supporting young children’s development. Early Childhood encompasses the period of human development from prenatal through the transition from home or ECCD centre into the early primary grades (prenatal – 8 years of age). Based on research, ECCD links the young child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical processes with the Care (by families, communities and the nation) required to support that Development.

Framed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the ECCD field is interdisciplinary in its focus. It includes health, nutrition, education, social science, economics, child protection and social welfare.

The ECCD field strives to ensure young children’s overall well-being during the early years, providing also the foundation for the development of adults who are healthy, socially and environmentally responsible, intellectually competent, and economically productive…click here for expanded definition