Operationally, the CG conducts its works through a Secretariat overseen by an elected Executive Board, made up of CG Partners.

Executive Board:

  • International Donor Organisations and Agencies and Networks:
    Child Fund International: Jill McFarren Aviles, Director, Program Development Technical Unit
    Plan International: Divya Lata, Early Learning and Education Advisor
    UNESCO: Abbie Raikes, Programme Specialist, Early Childhood Care and Education
    World Bank: Quentin Wodon, Advisor, Human Development Network
  • National/Regional Institutions, Organisations and Networks:
    Arab Resource Collective, Nabila Espanioly, ARC Trustee
    Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC), Junko Miyahara, Coordinator
  • Academic/Educational Institutions
    Macquarie University, Jacqueline Hayden, Professor, Early Childhood and Social Inclusion, Institute of Early Childhood
  • Emeritus / Experts: 
    Kathy Bartlett, Executive Director and Consultant, Global Education Fund

Program Coordinator: Marine Sukhudyan

Location: The CG is housed at Ryerson University in Toronto with the support of the Ryerson International and the Faculty of Community Services.

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