ECD Counts Programming Guide


“Early Childhood Counts: A Programming Guide on Early Childhood Care and Development” (@2000 World Bank Institute) written by Judith L. Evans with Robert Myers and Ellen M. Ilfeld is an extensive easy-to-use 391-page guide that details the preparation, planning, implementation, financing, monitoring and evaluation of diverse ECCD programming strategies.

Due to space constraints, this section only contains the abstract and outline of the 7 sections of the Programming Guide, including relevant links to the Library search tool and the internet. See Side Bar for appropriate links to the sections.

The full version of the Programming Guide is available in two formats: 1) on the CD-ROM: “Early Childhood Counts: Programming Resources for Early Childhood Care and Development” (@2000 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Consultative Group on ECCD) and 2) as a hard copy manual.

Both the CD-ROM and manual are available from the Consultative Group Secretariat or the World Bank

CD-ROM and Manual

Cost: $USD 10.00 each ($USD 20.00 for the set)
To request a copy of the CD ROM or Manual, please email

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